Responsible Pet Ownership

Responsible Pet Ownership (PDF)

Responsible pet owners not only look after their pet’s health and wellness, they also make sure their pet is a positive addition to the community. There are a few obligations you have as a pet owner to be considerate of your neighbours and protect your pet.

Get a Licence

  • All dogs and cats six months or older must have a valid pet licence and tags, so we can contact you if your pet gets lost. This even applies to indoor pets because they can slip out open windows or doors from time to time.
  • Getting a microchip or tattoo for your pet are also great ways to make sure we can contact you, but they are not a substitute for a licence.
  • Licences are affordable, available online, by mail, by fax, or in person and all proceeds go to animal care.

Keep Them Controlled

  • Dogs are not allowed to be loose, unless they are on your property or in a designated off-leash area.  We also recommend that you keep your cats indoors or supervise them if they go outside.
  • Dogs must always be on a leash when on public property and should be contained in a secure yard or building when on your property. Dogs are not allowed on school grounds, sports fields, playgrounds, and golf courses.
  • Cats are best kept inside a secure yard on your property. Allowing your cat to freely roam is dangerous for them and can lead to conflict with your neighbours. A cat roaming on private property can be trapped and taken to the Animal Care & Control Centre. They are safest at home.

Prevent Excessive Barking

  • Barking is natural for dogs when they are bored, lonely, or want to alert their owners of something, but excessive barking can disturb your neighbours.
  • Excessive barking can be addressed through dog training, socializing, exercising, and family interaction.

Scoop the Poop

  • Pet waste can be smelly, unattractive, and can even be a health issue for you and your pet. Carry a bag with you to pick-up your pet’s poop whenever you are off your property. Poop can be collected in a plastic bag and thrown in the garbage.
  •                         You do not need to clean up waste immediately on your private property, but you still need to clean it up regularly. Allowing excessive waste to build up affects your neighbours and pet negatively.