Learn About Edmonton’s City Charter

City Charters will improve the well-being of citizens in Edmonton and Calgary by supporting service delivery and building community through the development of public spaces. Charter proposals in this area fall under two themes:

Affordable housing

  • Affordable housing is a fundamental need in large cities.
  • Affordable housing improves individual health and well-being and helps to support education, social inclusion and financial security.
Examples of policy proposals in this area:

  • Edmonton and Calgary can advance loans and take-back mortgages to private individuals and organizations for the development of affordable housing.
  • The two cities can set conditions requiring a developer to contribute funds for a portion of new affordable housing when council expects that a redevelopment means a loss of affordable housing units.
  • The cities can define affordable housing within its municipalities under the Municipal Government Act (MGA). The definitions cannot override other legislation like the Alberta Housing Act.

Non-profit support

  • Municipalities will be able to best use municipal and provincial capital funding when building arts, culture, recreation and sports facility projects in partnership with non-profit organizations.
Example of policy proposals in this area:

  • Edmonton and Calgary City Councils that plan to build municipal infrastructure facilities, and have non-profit organizations operate them, can have the property tax cancelled and the provincial property tax waived by the province.
Read the descriptions of the policy proposals in the area of Supporting Community Well-being.

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