We are very excited for the OCL Rink Season, Mother Nature is finally cooperating and we have begun our flooding process.

Our goal (weather permitting) is to have our rinks open to the community by December 15. Watch our website and Facebook for all updates.

We will also post at the community hall on our bulletin board of rink date to open along with a schedule for this winter season 2019/2020 and the daily OPEN/CLOSED status will be posted on the website depending on weather and ice conditions.

Thank you to our volunteers who help with supervision in he past and we look forward to this season of volunteers. We plan on having a change in hours to ensure the after school skaters get that opportunity to lace up those skates. IF you want to volunteer to supervise the rink, email ottewell2212@gmail.com.

Remember to wear your 2019/2020 community skate tags, if you don't have any worries we can sell you your 2019/2020 OCL community membership which includes your skate tags.

Please watch OCL Facebook and OCL Websites for updates.