Good News Stories

The Friendly Neighborhood Window Cleaner

Spring has arrived with the bright sunlight shinning in the window! I couldn’t help but notice all the winter dirt has left such a film that you can barely see through my living room windows. I thought to myself…  I will get to those someday!

That someday arrived sooner than I thought, my neighbor rang my doorbell with a bucket and squidgy in hand, and said; “Hey, I want to clean your windows. I just cleaned mine and thought of you. This is what neighbors do to support each other!”

Thanks neighbor!

Take Care of each other Ottewell!

People are More Friendly and Outgoing

We try to walk in our neighbourhood everyday. Sometimes we would see people walking, but not often, and usually with their dog.

Well things have changed somewhat since Covid-19! Now we see so many people walking, and one difference is that we often see families with children. They seem so happy as they pass, and smile and say hi. There are the dog walkers, and people of all ages. It seems that our quiet little area has come to life! Just the other Saturday, as we turned out of our street, all the neighbours were in their own yards in Lawn Chairs, greeting passerby’s. People seem more friendly. There seems to be a renewed sense of Community, and hopefulness.

So keep going out, smile at the people you pass, and we will get through this terrible time with hope and a sense of what is important!