Ever wonder what it would be like to have a picture in front of the World’s Largest Perogy, or take a bite the World’s Largest Sausage, or stand on the UFO Landing Pad? Would you be surprised to know that you could travel to six of the world’s largest monuments in a day trip?

Start out by traveling to Vegreville, driving east on Highway 16 to see the World’s largest Pysanka (Easter egg) and take a photo. Then head to St Paul to visit the UFO Landing Pad and have a little lunch. Then take a quick 20-minute drive northeast to Glendon, where you can see the World’s Largest Perogy. Head back west on Highway 28 and stop in Vilna and see the beautiful World’s Largest Mushrooms, have a little ice cream, then on to Andrew to visit the World’s Largest Mallard Duck. Carry on to your final stop at Mundare to see the World’s Largest Ring of Sausage – home of Stawnichy Meats. One mile further north and you are back on highway 16 west back into Edmonton.

Have a fun memorable day taking pictures with all the northeastern Alberta giants. Who knew we had all these great things right in our backyard!

Stay-cations: What are you doing this summer?

With no festivals, summer concerts, or professional sports, this summer will look very different. What are your summer plans? Share with us, as inquiring minds want to know how to plan for a vacation at home. Please email ottewell2212@gmail.com with your stay-cation tips.