The Winter Season is coming to Ottewell Park! WHAT TO DO??

We have found some fun games to play with little to no props, just your imagination…

Footprint Tag
Play tag as you normally would…but stepping only in others’ footprints.

Scavenger Hunt
Freeze colored water in ice cube trays. Hide them outdoors for a wintertime SCAVENGER HUNT.

Get On a Roll
Pair up for a contest in which the object is to finish with the biggest snowball. The contest ends when the teams can no longer roll their entries or when you run out of snow.

Winter Tag
✓ 5 or more players
✓ Ages 5 and up
✓ Played outdoors in the winter

Players prepare the course for the game, consisting of a maze of parts in the snow over a field or ice. The parts should be wide enough for one person to run on, about one meter wide.

What follows is a simple game of tag played in lanes in the snow. Players must stay on the paths always, but the person who is ‘it’ may jump from path to path in pursuit of his opponents.

This imaginative modification of tag in the winter could lead players to invent their own unique games for the winter season.