1. If Liquor will be consumed at your event you must aquire an Alberta liquor license from any registry or liquor store AND must purchase short-term hall rental Event insurance from an Insurance Provider. A copy of the insurance coverage must be provided to the Hall Manager for Rental Agreement to be valid.
  2. Event Insurance Links:
  3. A valid liquor permit must be purchased and posted in the bar area. All liquor must be consumed in the hall building and fenced patio area only.
  4. All decorations will be hung in the designated areas. No Scotch Tape, Tacks, Nails or Staples on the walls. All decorations must be removed at the end of your function. There are hooks around the perimeter of the hall and central ceiling beam for hanging decorations.
  5. Chairs and tables must be wiped and left the way you had found them or according to instructions provided by the Hall Manager. Do Not drag across the floor use the dolly provided to move all chairs. NO TABLES or CHAIRS are to be taken outside.
  6. It is the Responsibility of the Renter to have floors swept, and excessive spills and messes in the hall, kitchen, bathrooms and hallways mopped up during and/or after your event (extra cleaning costs will incurred and taken off the damage deposit, if renter does not adhere to this item).
  7. All garbage and must be taken to the community dumpster (at end of parking lot), any cups or debris must be picked up in our parking lot and area surrounding the hall (extra cleaning costs will be incurred and taken off the damage deposit, if renter does not adhere to this item).
  8. Kitchen use – specific instructions will be given to renter for the use of the kitchen. Commercial dish sanitizer, Gas Stove & Oven. All items used by the renter must be washed and returned to proper storage area in the kitchen.
  9. Kitchen cleaning – floor must be swept and washed. All cupboards, counter tops must be wiped clean. The fridge must be wiped after use and all food items taken with you when you leave. All kitchen garbage must be taken to the dumpster. If the kitchen and contents are left dirty, extra cleaning costs will be incurred and taken off the damage deposit.
  10. Barbecue Rental – if the BBQ was used during your event you must clean it properly. An extra cleaning fee of $75 on top of the BBQ Rental Fee will will be incurred.
  11. Last Check List – We ask that you ensure that everyone has left the Main Hall. Ensure that all doors from the main hall are closed and secured. Check Kitchen to ensure that stoves, ovens are turned to the off position. Check both Men’s and Ladies Washrooms to ensure that you have no lingering guests and they are left nest and tidy.
  12. Turn off all lights, lock front door using the same code given. Give the door an extra check to ensure that it is locked.

Ottewell Community League is not Responsible for any items left in the HALL.



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