Volunteer with the Ottewell Community League

Are you interested in Volunteering for OCL? WE NEED YOU! We have many opportunities available that include one-time events or a more regular commitment.

  • General Volunteer (also known as “call me when you need someone” and if I can help, I will).
  • Volunteer Coordination (assist the board with finding/scheduling volunteers for events)
  • Project Team (Ottewell Community League Building needs some tender loving care, if you want to be a part of progress with future changes and upgrades, we need you. All plans will be presented to the board for approval).
  • Grants (help ensure we have addressed all possibilities to obtain funds available to us).
  • Sponsorship Coordination (obtain sponsorship and liaise with sponsors and Communications Director to ensure proper recognition)
  • Events Team Lead (organize events team to put on events for the community league)
  • Events General Volunteer (help out at various events – shifts are 2-4 hrs)

Please email ottewell2212@gmail.com to inquire about any of these positions.

Fill out our VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP FORM and then keep up-to-date on all the events by subscribing to on the right or following us on facebook.com/OttewellEvents.

Thank You!
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